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STIMPOD - Tackling Neuropathic Disorders

What is a STIMPOD?

The STIMPOD is a recently developed hand-held radio frequency device that changes the game in how we tackle neuropathic disorders. When applied, the device is non-interventional and provides 133 kHz of power through a small probe to a nerve or area that could be part of a neuropathic, neurogenic or nociceptive condition. The STIMPOD is applied for 5 minutes to the nerve region and normally requires 3 treatments to dismiss symptoms.

The probe that provides the power can identify the nerve and create fasciculations along the pathway. These fasciculations can increase nerves leading to increased muscle activity and if strength also increases, it can improve pain relief.

Common Areas of Treatment

Some common aetiologies that cause neuropathic disorders which the STIMPOD is used to treat include complex regional pain syndromes, neuropathies, post surgical pain, and neuropathic pains. With these symptoms, possible sharp, shooting or burning pain with or without paraesthesia which could include numbness, hyper or hypo-aesthesia and other sensations.

STIMPOD treatment can also be used to treat spinal regions that have neurogenic and neuropathic pain syndromes. The energy provided to the peripheral nerves or central nerve roots wakes pain-blocking mechanisms at the dorsal root ganglion without creating any damage to the nerve.

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