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Pelvic Health, Prenatal, & Post-partum Care

Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman


When it comes to postpartum care, mothers deserve better.
At MetaTherapy, our practitioners will provide a comprehensive postpartum checkup and progressive healing through exercise targeting the core, pelvic floor and total body.

Benefits of proper rehabilitation after vaginal birth and c-section surgery include: 
- reduction of adhesions and restrictions in the tissue surrounding the scar
- better appearance of the scar tissue 
- decreases pain in the connective tissue
- improve pelvic floor and core function
- reduce pain from MSK conditions due to c-section (e.g pelvic pain, low back pain, etc.)

Our practitioners can help alleviate common prenatal and postpartum pain and issues including:

  1. Development of faulty postures

  2. Upper extremity stresses caused by the physical changes of pregnancy and the muscular requirements of infant care

  3. Changing body image

  4. Altered circulation, varicose veins, lower extremity edema

  5. Pelvic floor stress or trauma

  6. Abdominal muscle stretch and trauma, and diastasis recti

  7. Decrease in cardiovascular fitness due to lack of knowledge about adequate and safe forms of exercise

  8. Lack of knowledge about physical changes in pregnancy and childbirth, possibly increasing the chance that injury-inducing behaviors will occur

  9. Inadequate relaxation skills, necessary for labor and delivery

  10. Improper body mechanics

  11. Development of musculoskeletal pathologies associated with pregnancy

  12. Lack of physical preparation (strength, endurance, relaxation) necessary for labor and delivery

  13. Unsafe progression of postpartum exercise

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Pregnancy and postpartum is a time of tremendous physical and emotional change that can affect your wellness.  Our therapists have specialized training in prenatal and postpartum care; they evaluate and monitor your changes, with a focus on your wellness through individualized treatment plans.

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