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A great method of non-surgical treatment that can be utilized to treat different types of pain, wounds, or injury such as an ankle sprain, tendon swelling, or any wounds and scars. At Meta-Therapy, our top priority is treatment for our patients, which is why we provide Deep Oscillation as it is one of the most modern and treatments for pain management and aesthetics.



How does it work?

Deep Oscillation is a very unique method of treatment that is delivered through massages applied around areas of pain and inflammation. Its special structure allows for practitioners to formulate a biologically effective oscillation around the treated tissues that utilizes electrostatic attraction and friction. Compared to other mechanical treatments, the treatment is gentle and has a positive effect on the tissues. These burst of energy during the treatment is very helpful towards the tissues being treated which is very effective with reducing pain and treating wounds.

Deep oscillation is applied through various sessions and is incorporated to improve healing time while reducing pain. The patient is required to hold a titanium neutral element gently around their fingers while the therapist is applying the deep oscillation treatment through circular motions around the area of pain or injury. This treatment stimulates the tissues deep inside your body (around 8cm) once applied to the surface of your skin which helps with connective tissue, subcutaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels.


The treatment sessions usually lasts around 30 minutes of pain-reliving and soothing therapy. This type of treatment has been clinically proven to be useful for:


· Highly effective in reducing pain

· Anti-inflammatory

· Effective in reabsorbing oedema

· Promotes wound healing

· Anti-fibrotic

· Improves the trophicity

· Rubor reduction

· Detoxification

· Improves the quality of the tissue

- Normalisation of haemodynamic parameters of skin, correction of aesthetic-neurotic problems and influence on natural ageing through preventive effects on premature ageing

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