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MetaTherapy is a certified Complete Concussion Management clinic providing the most current concussion treatment and rehabilitation techniques for athletes.

Most concussions resolve with the right care, education and program. Our Certified Complete Concussion Management professionals provide evidence-based, research-driven concussion assessment and treatment, which includes education, vestibular rehabilitation, manual therapy, vision and balance assessment, as well as academic accommodation recommendations.


Athletes should complete a baseline test prior to a concussion to make return to play decisions with a higher level of efficiency, precision and safety. Concussions require immediate care.  Our team of therapists provides education, treatment and coordinates 360 degree communication with the parent, coach and physician ensuring everyone knows the next steps in the process.

Post-injury assessment and injury management

  • Treatment/management involves:

    • Comprehensive concussion & neurological assessment

    • Return-to-learn and return-to-work programs

    • Co-management through stepwise return-to-sport stages according to best practices and worldwide consensus statements, including multistage physical exertion testing

    • Neurocognitive, vestibular, balance and visual assessments & therapy

  • Concussion rehabilitation for chronic symptoms (Post-Concussion Syndrome)

    • Including manual therapy, nutrition and dietary counselling, vestibular rehabilitation, exercise rehabilitation

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