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Improve Your Health, Improve Your Game

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is at the forefront of golf performance. In fact, 22 of the world’s top 35 players were advised by a TPI certified professional.

TPI has developed golf-specific assessments that are based on the Body-Swing Connection – simply put, how the body relates to the golf swing. By improving physical limitations in the body, injury can be prevented, and player performance can be enhanced through increased power, distance, accuracy, and enjoyment.

How the Treatment Works

At MetaTherapy, our certified TPI professionals will perform a golf-specific assessment to identify any physical limitations. Video analysis of your golf swing will then be completed in order to correlate the limitations and swing faults.

Once the assessment has been completed, a comprehensive plan will be developed to address and improve any limitations. This plan may include therapy (ART®, Graston®, mobilization, manipulation), and/or exercise prescription.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Our certified TPI professionals along with the Foresight Golf Simulator will perform a golf-specific assessment to analyze your swing and identify any physical limitations. 

During your assessment, our TPI practitioners analyze your swing, pinpointing areas for improvement based on your body's mechanics. With personalized insights and data-driven feedback, we tailor a targeted improvement plan to optimize your performance on the course. Experience enhanced distance, accuracy, and consistency by aligning your body mechanics with your swing.

Incorporating a golf simulator revolutionizes our TPI Golf Assessments - it provides precise, real-time data in a realistic environment, enabling our professional practitioners to offer accurate evaluations and targeted improvement strategies for your golf game.

At MetaTherapy, we believe in working together and collaborating with other professionals to help patients reach their goals. So, if you are working with a trainer or golf professional, we would be more than happy to discuss/share your results and plan with them (with your approval, of course).

Discover more about TPI Golf Assessments

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