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Laser Therapy for Injuries

At Meta-Therapy, your session can include manual therapy, exercise prescription, stretches, acupuncture, and more. One specific method offered here is laser therapy.

What’s Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy uses a non-invasive low level laser that in simple terms uses a light that

does not emanate any heat or vibration. Commonly used for injuries, inflammation, sprains,

strains, osteoarthritis and more. The benefits of laser therapy is to relieve pain, shorten recovery time and accelerate regeneration of damaged cells and tissues. It works at a cellular level by exposing the damaged cells and tissues to the laser.

Along with a number of benefits, laser therapy is most beneficial with a combination of

methods. Laser therapy can be performed by a trained rehabilitation practitioner. It is always best to reach out to your practitioner to see what fits best for your recovery process.

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