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Ease and Relief with Pregnancy: Prenatal and Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy and birth are one of the most natural processes of life. While bringing life into the

world can feel wondrous and miraculous, there are many comorbidities that arise with pregnancy. The added weight that comes with pregnancy can cause added stress on the back, hips, knees, and ankles. This, in turn, changes posture and the way a person can move.

As a pregnancy progresses, abdominal muscles stretch and joints loosen to make room for the expanding uterus. This can decrease stability and alter posture. It is very common for people who are pregnant to experience back pain and discomfort during daily activities. Here at MetaTherapy, we offer prenatal treatments which can help alleviate back and pelvis pain as well as muscle fatigue. Therapists can work with you throughout the entirety of the pregnancy, utilizing chiropractic care and exercise plans to minimize discomfort and pain during pregnancy as well as optimizing the recovery time postpartum.

Pregnant people are not as fragile and delicate as one might think. While it is important to not cause any harm to the baby or mother, the human body can take a lot more than it seems. Chiropractic care and prenatal treatment can be a favourable, drug-free alternative for pain relief. It is generally very safe throughout a pregnancy and can cause drastic relief for mothers. Treatments can help alleviate the aches and pains that come with pregnancy, and also allow for an easier birth experience. It can help to maintain a healthy pelvic position, and improve posture.

Treatments may include soft tissue therapy, acupuncture, and exercise rehabilitation. Practitioners at MetaTherapy will individualize your treatment plan and continuously monitor your pregnancy to ensure that you are getting the best possible care you can receive in a safe manner.

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