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Men's Hormone Program

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Enhance Your Sexual Performance

MetaTherapy Men's Health Network offers a comprehensive solution for sexual performance; our strategies encompasses the metabolic, physical, and vascular factors of sexual health. Through our advanced evaluation (complete blood panel and metabolic testing),  we develop a customized treatment plan to help you. At MetaTherapy, we offer a combination of:

  • METAWave Therapy (Acoustic Wave Therapy Duolith SD1 Machine)

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy 

  • Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Comprehensive Health assessment

  • Natural Supplementation

  • Continuous and Integrative care

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Each client meets with our team to discuss your therapy options and to assess suitability.


Erectile Dysfunction

1 in 10 men is estimated to have ED at some point in his lifetime. ED is less common but increasing in young men. A recent study showed that ED was prevalent in 26% of men younger than 40. 

Peyronie's Disease

PD is a painful condition that occurs when plaque or scar tissue forms underneath the surface of the penis. If you suffer from PD, let us help you restore the quality of your erections, allowing you to enjoy pain-free intercourse once again. No pills, no surgery.

Low Testosterone

1 in 4 men over 30 have low testosterone, and only 5% are diagnosed and treated. If you suffer from constant tiredness, lack of motivation, loss of muscle mass, decreased libido - you may have Low Testosterone and our team of practitioners can help.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a common problem, affecting 30-40% of men. Causes include physical, chemical imbalances and psychological factors. Our program will explore treatments that works for you.


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Online Questionnaire

STEP 1: Complete our online questionnaire to see if our treatment is right for you.

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OHIP Covered Consult

STEP 2: Our Hormone Specialist will call you to complete a 15 minute phone consultation

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Comprehensive Assessment

STEP 3: Full assessment with a Hormone Specialist, including lab work, to develop your treatment strategy. 

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Explore Treatment Options

STEP 4: Explore from the strategies and the recommended treatment options that work for you.

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This groundbreaking ED treatment uses pulses of acoustic sound waves to open existing blood vessels and create new ones, resulting in a stronger, longer, and better erection.

Hormone testing with a simple blood test. While low testosterone is common in men with erectile dysfunction, Low-T can also affect your ability to conceive children, cause tiredness, hair loss, weight gain. 

Natural supplementations, used in conjunction with our other treatment strategies, help to enhance sexual performance and treat erectile dysfunction.

There is a bidirectional relationship between body fat metabolism and testosterone levels. Low sex hormone levels is a predictor of metabolic syndrome, which in turn is associated with a further decline in sex hormone levels.

The leading cause of erectile dysfunction (ED) is arterial dysfunction, with cardiovascular disease as the most common comorbidity.* Therefore, our approach to treating ED includes addressing physical, sexual, and metabolic factors

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