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IV Therapy

Revitalize Your Health with MetaTherapy IV Therapy Services

Experience personalized health and wellness rejuvenation with MetaTherapy's industry-leading IV therapy solutions, tailored for the active lifestyle community and health-conscious individuals.

Individualized &
Integrative Care

MetaTherapy is an integrative health care centre offering comprehensive health care and rehabilitative services. From a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis to the development of an individualized treatment plan, MetaTherapy is here to help you every step of the way to obtaining your goals.

At MetaTherapy, our core belief is that a well-informed individual is an empowered one — and that’s why you can depend on us to help you better understand the mechanism of your body and equip you with the right tools for better management. With the right information and MetaTherapy in your corner, the sky is the limit when it comes to your health.​​

Experience Peak Health & Vitality with MetaTherapy

Feel the transformation as every cell in your body is nourished with essential nutrients, directly and efficiently. At MetaTherapy, we cater to those who pursue an active lifestyle and hold their health in the highest regard.

Childhood Psychology

Your Partner in Health and Wellness

At MetaTherapy, we look beyond temporary fixes. We aim to empower every individual with knowledge about their body and provide a pathway to sustainable health and longevity. With our integrative approach, we ensure you're not just treated, but also educated and informed on maintaining optimum health.


Unparalleled IV Therapy Services

MetaTherapy's IV Therapy delivers a wealth of benefits:

  • Quick and efficient delivery of vital nutrients

  • Tailored solutions designed for your specific health goals

  • Support for active and intense lifestyles

  • Expert care from licensed professionals

  • Luxurious and comfortable treatment setting

Our unique combination of essential vitamins and minerals, expertly administered by health professionals, supports a wide array of health benefits, including enhanced energy, improved immunity, and balanced hydration.

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50 McIntosh Drive, Unit 112

Markham, ON L3R 9T3
T: 905-604-6333

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