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Sherman Su

Registered Massage Therapist

Sherman stands as a certified massage therapist and distinguished vertical jump trainer, melding a profound foundation in Psychology and Kinesiology. This unique amalgamation equips Sherman to administer treatments of utmost comprehensiveness. With an illustrious career as a professional dunker spanning over a decade, he brings a wealth of sport-specific, vertical jump training expertise to the fore. As the visionary behind Second Gear Athlete, Sherman's transformative guidance has propelled countless athletes, numbering in the thousands, to attain unprecedented heights in their vertical leaps.

The fusion of Psychology and Kinesiology augments Sherman's prowess as a registered massage therapist. His deep understanding of Psychology allows him to connect on a profound level with clients, discerning not only their physical needs but also addressing the mental aspects that can influence their well-being. This empathetic approach cultivates a therapeutic atmosphere, fostering relaxation and trust.

Moreover, Sherman's background in Kinesiology enhances his ability to analyze movement patterns and muscular dynamics, enabling him to tailor massage treatments with precision. His grasp of biomechanics and anatomy ensures that each session is attuned to the client's unique physiological requirements, promoting optimal healing and recovery. In essence, the integration of Psychology and Kinesiology amplifies Sherman's capacity to provide comprehensive and transformative massage therapy experiences.

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