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Mark Vilela

Registered Massage Therapist, Fascial Stretch Therapist

Mark is a seasoned veteran in the fitness realm. He began his own fitness journey in 2010 to improve his body composition, strength and confidence. In 2017 he became a professional personal trainer serving clients with a range of needs and goals.

Mark is a recreational Olympic Weightlifter and coach and is now focused on the rehab aspect of the health and fitness industry. He provides hands-on treatment and corrective exercise.

Mark's approach is backed by science to reduce pain, improve the way you move, and prevent future injuries. His full-body treatment approach restores balance by decreasing tension, reducing pain, aligning your posture, increasing your range of motion, and building your strength.

If you're looking to achieve USEABLE range of motion and pain relief for sport, try his Fascial Stretch Therapy service!

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