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Kathy Ming


As a physiotherapist with extensive coaching experience both in recreational and competitive fencing (with a wide age range from 5 to 80 yrs old), Yue brings an understanding of the significance of a holistic and proactive approach to rehabilitation. Recognizing that many clients are experiencing challenges in the transition from the clinical treatment to home self-management. Yue’s treatments also incorporate therapeutic fitness skills and lifestyle coaching skill on top of manual therapy and modalities, to gain long term improvement in the performance of her clients in their sport or their daily living.

Yue is Canada educated and graduated from the University of Alberta. She is Chinese-Canadian and is able to communicate and perform treatment in both English and Mandarin.

Outside of work, Yue is an avid fencing athlete. With 6 years of persistence and hard work, from a frequently injured weekend warrior to injury-free provincial champion, she deeply understands both weekend warriors’ and athletes’ struggles with injury. With firsthand experience, Yue has some personal insight in how to help patients to rebuild the body's resiliency after injury.

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