Joey Chuang


Joey is a registered physiotherapist from Western university. His clinical approach is centered on establishing a strong therapeutic alliance with his clients. This allows him to appreciate the significance and purpose behind each client’s goals to provide individualized therapy.

Joey takes the time to explore different avenues for pain and dysfunction that could include biomechanical loading, tissue damage, inflammation, past experiences, sleep health, thoughts and beliefs, stress and anxiety. By understanding the root cause of pain and/or dysfunction, he is able to apply holistic, evidence-based therapy that may include manual therapy, neural mobilization, dry needling, pain science education, and sport specific conditioning. Ultimately, his goal is to restore meaningful function through rehabilitation and injury prevention to empower his clients to live active lifestyles.

Aside from his practice, he remains physically active through basketball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, weight-training and hikes with his dog whenever possible.