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What is Injection Therapy?

Intramuslcar injections are injection of various vitamins straight into the muscle for fast absorption into the blood stream.


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Oral supplementation is far less effective at raising the body's levels as it first has to go through the digestive system before the vitamins can get into the bloodstream. Therefore, we are able to raise levels of vitamins to functional therapeutic levels quickly and more efficiently. 


There is a slight sting associated with the injection, although this is temporary and usually only lasts for about 5-10 minutes. 

What Vitamins are Injected?

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Vitamin B12 - injections can help increase levels in those with absorption issues, help improve mood, metabolism for fat loss, energy, insomnia, and symptoms associated with nerve damage.

Vitamin D3 - with most Canadians low in Vitamin D, injections can be a quick effective way to improve energy, mood, immune system. Linked to weakness, fatigue, body aches and pains and lowered energy levels and mood, low levels of vitamin D or a deficiency caused by many factors including some auto-immune diseases can majorly impact day to day life. Imperative for bone renewal, cell growth, blood cell formation, hormone balance, and glucose metabolism, it’s no wonder vitamin D is an essential nutrient.

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