We all hear it. Most people try to achieve it. Mobility. Whether it be seeing on social media, or learning it from your colleague, we have all tried the traditional methods of foam rolling or lacrosse ball to achieve adhesion-free fascia. You were probably taught to perform dynamic range of motion exercises such as walking high kicks. But what if we told you there was more. We are going to introduce to you joint capsule mobilization.

Our anatomy was designed to move dynamically in three dimensional multi-planar motions. Unfortunately, due to injuries or the extended durations we spend sitting in our cubicles and in other closed off positions, range of motion of our joints can be severely hindered. At Metatherapy, we do strongly encourage mobility as it is the foundation of being pain-free and is the bedrock for speed, power and strength. Our therapists will teach you to utilize all your joints to their fullest potential by implementing Controlled Articular Rotations, or CARs. It's not only a great tool to assess joint health of the deep joint capsule, but maintaining greater range of motion and rehabilitating through anti-inflammatory movement.


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  • CARs are meant to be performed under consistent speed and smoothness

  • Do not assume that a joint ‘sits’ in neutral

  • Assessments go after the joint capsule

  • Evaluate the neck and spine before going to the limbs

  • Move a joint in the position of injury as soon as acute healing allows.  Apply load as possible.

  • Great implementation after sports massage therapy and physiotherapy session. 

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